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"GradSift has streamlined our shortlisting process and

given more depth and consistency to the criteria we use to select candidates"


Application and video screening in a single process 

Continue to receive graduate applications via your applicant tracking system. Email applicants an invitation to complete a GradSift profile.


Let GradSift do the heavy lifting.

Create your own search profiles to screen and rank candidates who meet your criteria.

Apply filters to achieve a diversity balance. Then watch and rate videos. But start with the top ranked candidates. Never sit through 800+ videos again! 

Finish with a more diverse shortlist of well-rounded candidates based on an integrated assessment of academics, leadership, initiative, interpersonal and communication skills and employer interest.






Process flow with GradSift


Image of process flowImage of process flow


Target students for virtual events


Virtual career fairs are here to stay. But just like a traditional career fair, anyone can attend a virtual fair. Yet, the real power of a virtual event is the ability to use smaller meeting rooms to connect with targeted groups. Imagine your CEO speaking with 100 high calibre, graduates.

But how do you find the right students to invite to virtual meetings with your executives? 

Just as GradSift is used for graduate and intern programs, it's easily applied to screen and shortlist students for virtual events.

Like to learn more? Take a look at this short video.


Video linkVideo link


Flexible subscription plans


Ideal for employers who rely mostly on advertising for a graduate program yet still receive a large number of applications. 

              30 days subscription

From $2.50 per applicant.

 500 applicants  $1,500
 501 to 1,000  $3,200
 1,001 to 2,000  $6,300
 2,001 to 4,000  $9,500
 4,000 +  Contact Us
Scalable for large programs  
Screen & rank across multiple roles/ profiles with video available
Filter by student workstream preferences
Full, customised client support


Best for employers requiring year-round access and insights into effectiveness of marketing and campus activities and predictive profiles of hires.

               Annual subscription 

From less than $4 per applicant.

 500 applicants  $3,700
 501 to 1,000  $6,300
 1,001 to 2,000  $10,500
 2,001 to 4,000  $15,700
 4,000 +  Contact Us
 All Essentials Features plus 
Year-round use and access to data
Automated analytics of marketing & campus activity effectiveness
Profiling by applicant segments
Demographic data - hires vs all applicants

   Prices in Australian dollars exclude GST




How does your process compare?


GradSift vs Manual Screen

 Huge time and productivity saving

 Candidate video included for integrated assessment

 Flexibility to easily manage large datasets

 Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness


GradSift vs Online Questionnaire Form

 Superior assessment than student "tick-the-box" questions

 Flexibility to apply different criteria and identify socio-economic diversity

 Candidate video included for integrated assessment

 Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness






 GradSift vs Cognitive Testing*

 Flexibility, for diversity and to assess on different criteria

 Superior integrated assessment across multiple attributes vs singular 

 Cost savings with video included

 Analytics included for marketing, campus and assessment effectiveness


* Cognitive Testing

Many employers have historically used cognitive tests to cull applications. It was imperfect, but was always regarded as the "best tool available". Times have changed. Technologies have changed.

Continuing to cull on testing alone is seriously flawed. Research has shown that 50% of candidates rejected in cognitive tests had the interpersonal skills employers were desperate for. Further research says that students from a low socio-economic environment are more likely to underperform in cognitive tests. 

That's the concern of employers today. "We're looking for greater diversity yet we don't know how many great people we're rejecting".


Next Steps?

Schedule a GradSift demo.

Get answers to all of your questions and schedule a GradSift demonstration. You can use our contact form or directly email or call (61 2) 8188 2516.

Contact us buttonContact us button


After a demo you may want to "Put GradSift to the Test".

What's that? That's where you compare how GradSift ranks your applicants to your own assessment.

How? You provide us with 20 resumes of your recent applicants, with personal details removed. Make it a mix of hired candidates, some who got close and others who were rejected early. Even throw in a few outliers if you like! 

We process the data through GradSift. And give you back the results. You decide! 

Employers love it. It's easy and it's free. Watch the video.


Put GradSift to TestPut GradSift to Test

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