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"GradSift has streamlined our shortlisting process and

given more depth and consistency to the criteria we use to select candidates"



High volume recruitment made easy

  • Graduate programs

  • Internships

  • Apprentices

  • Entry-level roles

  • Whole-of-government programs and merit pools

  • Talent pools (learn more)

  • Outsourced recruitment services using the GradSift platform



Typical GradSift process flow


GradSift process flowGradSift process flow


Works with your ATS with no document upload. Or receive applications directly via the GradSift platform. 

Applicants complete a GradSift profile. You choose if you want them to

  • upload documents
  • select their preferred roles or locations
  • add a video or
  • answer your screening questions. 

Create your own selection profiles to screen and rank applicants.

Apply filters to achieve a diversity balance. Then watch and rate videos. 

Update the status of shortlisted applicants as they are interviewed.

Option to give hiring mangers restricted access to their shortlists. 


Outsourced recruitment services

Don’t have the internal resources to manage high-volume recruitment? GradSift can provide outsourced recruitment services using the platform for you. All the benefits of GradSift along with sizeable cost savings compared to a traditional RPO.


Flexible subscription plans

From around $4 applicant

(Plus GST. Australian dollars).


Next steps?

Schedule a GradSift demo.

Get answers to all of your questions and schedule a GradSift demonstration. You can use our contact form or directly email or call (61 2) 8188 2516.

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Or "Put GradSift to the Test".

What's that? That's where you compare how GradSift ranks your applicants to your own assessment.

How? Share 10 or 20 blind resumes of recent applicants. A mix of hired candidates, some who got close and others who were rejected early.  

We process the data through GradSift. And give you back the results. You decide! It's easy and it's free.