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GradSift - Fairer for Applicants

GradSift is a fairer way for employers to initially screen their applicants. Especially high volume roles.

For example, employers receive hundreds or thousands of applications to their graduate and intern programs. Think about the time it would take to review every application. It's a big effort. That's why over the years employers have used different tools to reduce that to a more manageable number.

But the tools they've used have limitations. Typically they assess on a single attribute.

Take a look at this graduate example. Three applicants with solid backgrounds. And the fourth, not so good.


This is how other screening tools have worked.

Do you have a GPA of 65+? Yes, you progress. No, you're rejected.

Did you complete a cognitive abilities test? Score above the employer's minimum? Yes, you progress. No, you're rejected. You get the picture.

But what if you have a solid background except for a GPA of 63 or just missed the test cut-off? Well, it doesn't matter. Employers don't have the time to look at the rest of your background.

That's unfair to applicants. And it's not right for the employer either. They're missing out on strong, well-rounded applicants.



That's where GradSift comes in. It allows an employer to assess your background across multiple attributes. That includes academic performance, achievements, interests, work experience and much more.

But all high-volume roles aren't the same. For some, work experience or personal achievements may outweigh qualifications. So we give employers the flexibility to determine what's most important. 

It gives employers control over information and helps them make better decisions. 

GradSift assesses your background differently for each employer. So when an employer invites you the the next stage of their assessment process, it means you're likely a strong fit.  


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Some employers may additionally ask you to upload documents eg. your resume, answer simple screening questions or select preferences for work location or the type of role.



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