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Applicant FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions. For questions about GradSift Talent click here.


What is the site where I create my profile?

GradSift's applicant database sits at


Where do I find the Program Code?

Each employer has a unique program code which links applicants to their recruitment program. You can find the program code displayed on the GradSift landing page (the URL provided provided by the employer).

Also check the support '?' icon at the bottom right of the screen. You can also log a support request or email


Program Code for GradSift Talent


Sign up or login at


I need to apply for a role via GradSift. What do I do?

To submit your application you need to complete the following 5 steps.

1. Create an account and save your profile in  

2. In My Documents upload your resume and transcripts. (Some employers may not require this).

3. In My Programs, select Link Documents and choose which documents you want to share with the employer, then Save. (You may have a differently formatted resume uploaded for another employer).

4. In My Programs, select up to three role preferences (if offered) and answer screening questions (if offered).

5. Self-record a sixty seconds video with an introduction, one or two key achievements and why you’re interested in a career with the employer. Upload to YouTube and then in My Programs paste the YouTube URL into the GradSift Extra Video. For detailed information about videos and content see Video Info. Or login to and go to the online User Guide or help '?' icon.

Note: Program Codes for open employer roles/programs will be available at the '?' icon on 


How is GradSift Talent different to an employer asking me to create a profile?  

GradSift Talent is an open platform where any registered employer can view your background and decide if you're a strong fit for one of their roles. Think of it as similar to LinkedIn. It's a sourcing platform. Employers are registered with GradSift and abide my our data privacy policy.

GradSift's platform is also used by employers to shortlist their applicants. In this case applicants are held in a GradSift database accessible only by that employer. It's used as a private shortlisting platform. For example, if you applied for a graduate program and were directed to create a GradSift profile, only that employer can view your details.  

You can join GradSift Talent as well as have your details listed privately with a specific employer.


How can I make sure I have a strong application on GradSift?

Complete all the required information. That especially applies to your profile. Work experience does not need to be career related. Similarly, interests can be outside or your career interests such as sport, fitness, blogging etc.  


I received an employer request to complete a GradSift profile. What does it mean and how does it work?

Employers use GradSift as a better way to screen and shortlist high volume applications including graduates and interns. They might have 1,000 applications and want to shortlist to 200. 

GradSift is an integrated assessment looking at your overall background. Academic performance, work experiences, interests and achievements, and indicators of behavioural skills. By looking at all of your attributes including a short video, it means an employer has a much more balanced view of you.  For employers, that translates to a shortlist of strong applicants to progress to the next stage of their process.   


How do I create a GradSift profile?

Firstly, you should have an employer invitation to complete a GradSift profile. That will include the employer's unique ID code and the closing date to finalize your profile. Register on GradSift at Enter the employer ID code and then create your profile. Data is mostly from drop-down fields. Some employers may ask you to upload documents or nominate role preferences or answer simple screening questions.

You can record a 60 second video to introduce yourself and say why you're interested in a career with that employer. It's an informal video - no scripted questions. In fact, you record the video yourself, upload it to YouTube and simply include the YouTube URL link in GradSift.

Creating a profile is easy and should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes all up. You can change and edit at any time.


What type of video do I add and who can see it?

The video is an opportunity for an employer to make sure you're genuinely interested in a potential career with them. Unlike traditional video interview platforms, GradSift helps you present in the best possible way. No structured questions and no time pressure. We recommend introducing yourself, saying what you've studied, one or two key achievements (briefly) and why you're interested in a career with the employer. Keep it to around 60 seconds.

You record the video yourself, upload it to YouTube and then include the YouTube URL link (saved as Unlisted for privacy) in GradSift. (Only people with the Unlisted link can view the video). When you're logged in to click the '?' icon on the lower right and search Video for instructions. 

In GradSift the video is assigned to a specific employer. That means only that employer can see the video. If you have multiple employers in GradSift, you can record a unique video for each employer. You enter the unique YouTube URL links for each employer. Or you could choose to make a more generic video and use that for multiple employers.

If you upload a separate video for a GradSift Talent Hub, registered employers will see the video.


Why do you use YouTube for video?      

We want to make the recorded video process simple. Just about everyone uses YouTube. So long as the video is saved in YouTube as Unlisted, it can only be viewed by people who have access to the URL. You can also delete the video at any time. 


What if I don't or can't provide a video? 

Including a video is highly recommended. Not including a video does not impact how GradSift ranks you. However, it is valued by employers as another way to learn about you. 


An employer has asked me to nominate my role or work stream preferences. What do I do?

Some employers have multiple roles, work streams or job locations and understand that applicants can be interested in more than one position. In this case, when you add an employer program in GradSift, you select up to 3 role preferences. If you only have one preference, leave it at that. Employers use the information to balance numbers in their shortlists. 

If an employer does not offer any preferences, that option will display as not available. 


How do I convert my grades to the GradSift scale?

Approximate your overall grade point average using our 100 point GPA scale.  For courses that are only "pass / fail", select 75+. If you're just starting a course and don't have any grades choose a grade you think you'll achieve.

GPA Converter

0 -100 scale

7 point scale

4 point scale




70 – 74.9

5.5 – 5.9

2.5 – 2.9

65 – 69.9

5.0 – 5.4

2.0 – 2.4

60 – 64.9

4.5 – 4.9

1.7 – 1.9

55 – 59.9

4.0 – 4.4

1.4 – 1.6

50 – 54.9

3.0 – 3.9

1.0 – 1.3



I can't find my institution or course discipline listed in GradSift?

Due to the sheer volume of disciplines, some closely related disciplines are grouped. For example, Anthropology falls under Human Science. So if you don't see your exact discipline, choose the best fit.

GradSift uses eleven broad discipline categories to enable you to drill down to find your specific discipline. It's the discipline you select that's important - not the broad category. So be prepared to look beyond your university faculty (or category) to find your discipline. For example, in GradSift, Human Science sits within Science. Public Policy sits within Law. Not all universities will have the same structure.


How do I add academic transcripts or other documents?

If an employer has asked for a copy of your academic transcripts, upload them under My Documents then separately link them to that particular employer.


What if I can't complete my GradSift profile by the employer's closing date?

The employer will be unable to include you in their shortlisting process and most likely you will be advised your application was unsuccessful.


I have a second employer asking me to complete a GradSift profile.

No problem. Log back in to GradSift and under My Programs simply add the new employer program code. You add a new video for that employer, or you can use a generic video for multiple employers. You can edit your profile, if you like. But if nothing has changed, you don't need to. That's it. The employer program code links your details to that employer.


Will my GradSift score be the same for all employers?

No. GradSift assesses your background differently for each employer.  Your ranking will depend on what an employer is looking for, the relevance of your background to the employer and the backgrounds of the other applicants. If an employer asks you to the next stage of their assessment process, it indicates you are a potential "strong fit" with the employer.  


Can I find out my GradSift score from GradSift?

No. It's up to the employer to decide if they want to share that.

But remember, your GradSift score is a ranking relative to the other applicants to that program or role. And it will differ for each employer program you apply to. 


Can I change, edit or delete my GradSift profile?

Yes.  You can do that at anytime.


How do I find out how I went with GradSift?

After the closing date, the employer will use GradSift to determine their shortlist. The employer will communicate with you directly to let you know if you've been successful or unsuccessful. 


I'm having trouble saving my profile

If you've included a special character in the employer name eg. café or a hyphen etc, please remove and it should save.

Secondly, there may be a field that hasn't been entered. Safari/Chrome will highlight which fields while Firefox has a message but doesn't point to it. Common omissions are grade in Education or some employment fields.


GradSift Talent FAQ

Who can register for the GradSift Talent?

Anyone. Local and international university and college level students from first year through to recent graduates. At any time a student can update or delete their details.


What's the Program Code for GradSift Talent?


Sign up or login at


Should I still apply for jobs the traditional way?

Yes to maximise your chances. But GradSift Talent is an increasingly popular way for employers to quickly find the right students without advertising and going through hundreds or thousands of applications.


What type of employer uses GradSift Talent?

Our employer clients range large companies and government organisations recruiting graduate and intern programs to small and medium sized companies hiring for specific positions.


How likely am I to get a job?

There are no guarantees. But if ten minutes of your time gets you into the mix, we think that's a smart investment.


What data does an employer see?

They can view your resume, profile and contact details (email and mobile). Employers are vetted and registered and are bound by our data privacy policy, restricting their use of candidate data to the sole purpose of recruitment.


How does an employer contact me?

Employers can contact you directly. Or GradSift Talent may reach out on an employer’s behalf. In that case we let you know who the employer is.


What if I'm not interested in a job with an employer?

That's Ok. Just decline and that's it.


How do I complete a profile?

Basically it's choosing from drop-down selections for your educational background, any work experience (career and non-career related) and other interests/achievements. Once you login you'll find simple online instructions.


I've accepted a job. How do I opt-out from GradSift Talent?

Log back in to Under My Programs select the relevant GradSift Talent and delete it. Your details are no longer visible. This also acts to pause your participation in GradSift Talent.

You can permanently delete all of your data by logging into and selecting the “Remove Account” function.


Other questions?