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The Best Shortlisting Platform for Graduate & High Volume Recruitment

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Automate application and resume reviews, integrating with recorded candidate video.

  • Save recruiter time
  • Increase productivity
  • Save on assessment costs

Replicate manual screening across academic background, work experience, achievements and more. Then watch candidate video for a balanced and integrated assessment, all on the one platform.




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Overview of GradSiftOverview of GradSift


Simplify entry-level selection

Trusted by employers for graduate, intern, apprentice and entry-level roles


Easily assess applicants across multiple criteria on a single platform. That's better for employers and fairer for applicants.

Increase hiring diversity through blind screening. 

Watch video of the best applicants.  

Keep it simple for applicants.


"GradSift has definitely increased efficiency and productivity in our entry level talent recruitment"

"We screened candidates based on the personal attributes and experiences we value rather than a single cognitive ability test"

"The platform is extremely easy to use"

"The system overall is great value for money"





Apply your criteria to replicate resume reviews

Ranked CandidatesRanked Candidates



Select from multiple filters including qualification level, discipline, job function and much more.

GradSift ai technology instantly interprets applicant data to assess performance, achievements, behavioural skills and relevance of applicant experience.

Employer generated questions, applicant preferred roles or locations and recorded video allow you to apply your own judgement to narrow down results. 

Shortlist done? Share the results through "Hiring Manager View" and move to interview stage.



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