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GradSift: AI-Assisted Applicant Shortlisting and Candidate Sourcing

Where employers find their best candidates and students are discovered



Screen & shortlist high volume applications with AI-assist

Source interns and graduates from our GradSift Talent network leveraging the precision of AI 


Recruitment doesn't need to be complex



Early career job seekers


Create a profile and be discovered by employers!

Let opportunity come to you. GradSift Talent flips student recruitment on its head


A single registration and GradSift does the rest 



GradSift: The most comprehensive platform for high-volume shortlisting


Image of recruitersImage of recruiters


Save time to easily find the candidates you really want

A multi-criteria assessment in a single step. Performance, behaviours, job fit and much more with video and analytics included

For graduates, interns, trainees, entry-level and early career professionals 

Simple to use for recruiters. Access for hiring managers. Outsource option  

For a single position right through to high volume campaigns





So simple to use

Invite applicants to complete a GradSift profile

Log in for an instant visual representation of their education, work experience and interests

Using your selection criteria and GradSift's trusted algorithm 

Apply filters, watch video and much more to decide who you're interested in

Shortlisting made easy! 


Source pre-assessed, strong-fit candidates

AI lets you easily identify strong-fit students and early career professionals 

No "shotgun" marketing to be inundated by applicants you don't want

Personalised connections with target candidates that lead to higher engagement, applications and hires

  • Precision, targeted campaigns
  • Shortlists as a service
  • Search of our database



Trusted by employers 

Proven technology with a 100% success rate in matching the way candidates are assessed by employers

Streamlines recruitment and saves an enormous amount of time

Screen blind, remove bias and achieve greater hiring diversity 


"GradSift has definitely increased efficiency and productivity in our entry level talent recruitment"

"We screened candidates based on the personal attributes and experiences we value rather than a single cognitive ability test"

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