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AI Enabled Student Recruitment 

GradSift Talent is an AI enabled sourcing platform for employers to target and efficiently connect with students and graduates based on the calibre of candidate they’re seeking. Employers can zero in on the candidates they really want, saving time and assessment costs while increasing hiring conversion rates.

For students and graduates, it turns the table in their favour. When they receive an employer’s invitation they know they’re already a strong fit, not a three in one hundred chance.



Not just another job board!

GradSift’s AI goes beyond traditional matching filters like degree discipline and grades. Employers can for the first time apply quality criteria.

For example, show me

  • Well-rounded business students who are among the top 50%, 30% or even 10%.
  • Software engineering students with a top tier academic background.
  • Students majoring in an engineering discipline who have already gained solid work experience.

And much, much more.

It makes it easy for employers to reach out to the right candidates upfront. Whether it’s for a large graduate program or a small business seeking a student with the skills and background they need.

For students, it makes the recruitment process so much more efficient. But they also learn of opportunities from employers they may have never considered. Plus there’s a natural curiosity about an employer who is interested in them, creating an increased motivation to progress to the next stage.


GradSift Talent revolutionises student recruitment. Employers save time and money by starting with quality candidates.

There’s no need to sift through hundreds or thousands of applications. Or pay for expensive psychometric and video assessments just to screen applicants. At the same time, it makes the candidate experience so much better for students. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Find students and recent graduates from STEM, Business and Health disciplines.

It’s easy for employers to use.

• Choose from the detailed selection criteria for each role
• Decide the cut-off point for target candidates. For example, by proportion (eg. the top 30%) or number of candidates (eg. 10, 50, 100 etc)

GradSift AI does the rest.

It instantly interprets candidate data from their academic background, work experiences (career and non-career related) and extra-curricular activities. It assesses performance, achievements, behavioural skills and job fit.

It further refines results by applying a candidate’s preferred role and work locations and by prior employers, technical skills, language and diversity. Candidates are ranked uniquely for each role.

How to connect with candidates using GradSift Talent?

Choose from:

  • Email campaign
  • Shortlist provided by GradSift Talent
  • Direct access to the GradSift Talent database

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Why do students join GradSift Talent?

  • It’s easy. It’s low effort for students to sign up and see if employers reach out with an opportunity.
  • They’re curious. Who wouldn't be? Finding employers interested in them!
  • They’re keeping their options open. There might be something better than what they already have.
  • They unlock career insights. They access our EmpowerMe tool for instant and specific feedback on their employability. Curiosity is a big motivator, even for the very best students!

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