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Everyone likes feedback. But when it comes to an employment application, that can be rare or very generic eg. "unfortunately we have progressed with other applicants who have a stronger background".

So we developed EmpowerMe, a free tool for students and recent graduates to unlock insights into how employers assess your background. It might just change the way you go about job applications.



Watch the video.

Curious? Read on.

EmpowerMe interprets your background for the three categories employers most commonly consider when evaluating students and graduates.

  • Academic performance
  • Work experiences
  • Extra-curricular interests

The results give you insights into how employers assess your background. If you wonder why you struggle to make it past the first cut with  employers, EmpowerMe can help put that outcome into context. Or if you're feeling pretty good about your background, EmpowerMe can confirm you do have what it takes to land your preferred internship or graduate job. Or you might just learn that you're not quite as strong as you think you are! 

Whether you gain new insights, or it confirms what you already believed, it's still valuable feedback. And it's free.

How do I use EmpowerMe?

You first need to join (free of course) one of our GradSift Talent Hubs and create a profile. EmpowerMe works off the profile you create. What are GradSift Talent Hubs? They're the smart way for students and graduates to find jobs. In fact, it’s employers who find you. Think of it like LinkedIn except for students and graduates. (You can always opt out of a Talent Hub after using EmpowerMe).

Select a benchmark role and discipline, eg. Business graduate, a Technology intern or an Engineering graduate etc. Then see the results and get empowered!

But please treat the results as a guide because we know different employers apply different criteria in candidate selection. Here are just a few examples. 

  • A large company recruiting for a graduate program may look for students who have a strong background across each category.
  • Yet, for a technical role, such as software development or civil engineering, they may place a greater emphasis on academic results and care less about anything else.
  • A smaller company may want a graduate but their priority is someone who brings previous work experience. So grades aren't that important. 
  • Some employers value students who have been in supervisory jobs, even though they're not career related.
  • Degree discipline matters for some roles eg. civil engineering but not for others eg. many government roles even for large accounting firms.

Because of this, the insights EmpowerMe unlocks will be general. But you will get a sense of how you stack up. Note, EmpowerMe does not provide feedback from an individual employer.

If you've been struggling to get past the first stage of the application process, you should gain a better understanding of why. If you're a superstar, with multiple job offers, well, see what EmpowerMe says about you. And for everyone else you might just have an "ah-ha" moment unlocking a new insight. 

Run EmpowerMe now

To use EmpowerMe you need to be registered for one of the GradSift Talent Hubs by going to Create an account adding one of the three Talent Hub codes (below). Then create your profile from drop-down fields, which takes less than ten minutes. You're ready to select a benchmark and run EmpowerMe.      





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