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Flip student job search on its head


"needs to be a hub or pool where all interns and grads go and potential employers look for them, not the other way around "

"a single platform where students can upload their details and employers use it as a talent pool "

"streamline the recruitment process with fewer steps"




GradSift 2022 Talent Pools are open





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GradSift Talent Pool technology makes it easy for employers to review your background and decide if you're a strong fit for their role, before they even reach out to you.

No need for multiple job applications. Take 15 minutes to create a profile including a self-recorded video.

Then, set and forget.

Employers come to you. You decide if their opportunity is the right one for you. Now that's flipping student job search on its head.



GradSift Talent Pools are open to local and international university students from first year through to recent graduates.

Of course, it's free for students and at any time a student can remove themselves from a Talent Pool or permanently delete their details.  



What are you waiting for? 



GradSift Talent Pool program IDs for 2022

When you register at add one or any of the following program IDs to join a Talent Pool.

To complete registration you must add one Talent Pool program ID. You can change or delete it after registration is complete.


Program ID    Talent Pool

82937285        Business                                      

97467630        ICT                                              

82087695        Engineering, Geo., Architecture    

91647852        Health 

51227889        Legal    

30577935        Science    

36067774        Government, Education, Social    


Talent Pools LoginTalent Pools Login



How Talent Pools work for students and grads

We have seven talent pools. You can opt in to one, or as many as you like.

Choose your top three preferred roles for each talent pool.

When an employer accesses a talent pool (for example, Business) they select the role they're recruiting for (eg. Public Accounting), along with role location, intern vs grad and if there are required working rights.

GradSift technology does the rest. It instantly provides a listing of eligible candidates based on academic background, work experiences (career and non-career) and extra-curricular achievements.

They see which candidates chose Public Accounting as their first preference. Or their second or third. 

Even if Public Accounting wasn't chosen as a preference, the employer may still reach out to you if they really like your background. 

But it's up to you to decide if you're interested. No - politely decline. Yes - ask for more information and move straight to an interview.  


Employers. More information.




Should I still apply for jobs the traditional way? 

Yes. Talent Pools won't replace employers advertising grad or intern programs. But they are increasingly a popular way for employers to quickly find the right students without going through hundreds or thousands of job applications. 


How do I complete a profile and share a video?

Once you login you'll find a full user guide.


What type of employer uses GradSift Talent Pools

For 2022, most will be large commercial and government organisations who are used to hiring students and graduates.


What data does an employer see?

They can view your documents eg resume, video, profile and contact details. Employers are bound by our data privacy policy.


Do I need to have the same role preferences across multiple Talent Pools?

No. You can select different role preferences for each Talent Pool.


I'm only interested in Government roles. Should I only join that Talent Pool?

No. Government employers will search other Talent Pools for specific or specialist roles. For example, a Government employer will search for an HR student in the Business Talent Pool, or for a Nursing student in the Health Talent Pool.  


Can I share different resumes or videos  depending on the Talent Pool and preferred roles? 

Yes. If you're interested in Finance and Law roles, choose which resume and video to link to the Business and Legal Talent Pools.


How does an employer contact me?

They will either email you directly or call you. From then on it's between you and the employer.


I've accepted a job. How do I opt-out from the Talent Pools?

Under My Programs you can delete the Talent Pool and your details are removed. Or you can permanently delete your GradSift Extra account with REMOVE ACCOUNT.


Any other questions? Email    

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