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Graduate Talent Pools Increase Hires



But is there an easy way to manage a graduate or intern talent pool?

Yes! Using the GradSift shortlisting platform employers instantly see the quality of an applicant without opening a resume. And that's by every type of role, even location. That makes it easy to quickly respond to the best candidates.

  • For students it's ten minutes to complete a GradSift profile from drop-down fields with no resume upload.
  • For a recruiter it's spending 60 seconds once a week to view the latest candidates and choose whether to make contact. It's as simple as that.



Can employers make more hires using a talent pool?

Definitely.  20% more hires.

Why? Student behaviour has changed. They now look at opportunities throughout the year. They may be interested in an employer yet not apply to its program. But a subsequent trigger event can prompt them to take a closer look. (A referral, an online post, organisation or sector news, a change in personal circumstance etc.)

Except if the program is closed and there's no opportunity to register interest, it's a missed opportunity. 

That's where talent pools play their part.


Can't I just use our ATS?

You can. It's there, available and the talent acquisition team already uses it as a generic talent pool. It's fine for expressions of interest to let students know when you're recruiting. But talent pools should be open after a recruitment campaign has closed. 

Student recruitment also means volume. Going through each application to assess the quality of each applicant and determine where they could be a potential fit takes a lot of time. Time that most recruiters don't have. An ATS is not an optimal solution for a student talent pool. 


GradSift is optimised for student and graduate recruitment

There is a lot more employers can do with GradSift. Identify applicants by availability, previous employers, gender and diversity. Ask their own screening questions eg. "Have you previously applied?" Ask applicants to upload a resume or record a short video. There's even a Hiring Manager View function where managers can decide who to bring forward.



It makes a talent pool simple but highly effective for recruiters. The best part? It helps you meet your hiring objective.

To find out more just send through a message and we will get back to you asap. There's no obligation and you'll find GradSift surprisingly affordable. You can also call on (02) 8188 2516.


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