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Graduate Recruitment in a Candidate Short Market

It’s a candidate short market and GradSift’s shortlisting platform has responded.

The recruitment process has to be easy for candidates.

Now they can by-pass the ATS and apply directly via GradSift uploading documents and sharing role preferences and video. 

All in a single step, on  single platform, in less than 15 minutes.

Decision-making speed is important.

GradSift now offers “Hiring Manager View” where managers have access to shortlisted candidate data to select who to interview.

Perfect for whole-of-government programs or employers with many hiring managers.



The candidate pool can be expanded with non-graduates.

GradSift can finally be used for non-degree roles – apprentices, diploma level and other high-volume entry level positions.


The right assessment platform in a candidate short market.

Employers rate interpersonal skills as the top skill they look for in graduates. Yet too many are rejected when they’re instead screened on abilities assessments. Yikes! Employers just can’t afford that in a candidate short market. Assess multiple criteria on a single platform to screen in, not out.

Book a demo and see how GradSift can help to increase hires.


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