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Hundreds or Thousands of Graduate Applications? 


“GradSift gives me the capacity to review thousands of resumes in seconds. It's like a virtual assistant.”


Artificial intelligence that replicates manual resume screening. Accurate, objective and bias-free.


It does just what an experienced graduate recruiter would do. Evaluating

academic performance

work experiences

extra-curricular achievements and more.


Incredible value: Priced from $2.25 per applicant

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Too many priorities and not enough time to go through so many resumes? 


Looking for a sustainable way to manage high volume graduate or intern programs?



Struggling to achieve diversity targets?



Unsure if temporary help or psychometric tests will do the job? 



Hiring manager pressure? Can't I just view video of the top 6 candidates for each role, so I can handover to the hiring managers? 




If this resonates with you, you're in the right place to find a solution






 GradSift: Your Virtual Assistant

For Graduate and Intern Recruitment

Whether it's 100 graduates or 10,000. 


If you want an online demonstration or to speak with a real person, just call Peter Pychtin, CEO & Founder on (02) 8188 2516 or email 





It saved us an enormous amount of time from reviewing applications that were not a good match for our program. That ultimately saved money and ensured that each application was evaluated objectively and without bias 

ASX listed company


It has streamlined our shortlisting process and given more depth and consistency to the criteria we use to select candidates

State Government agency

We screened candidates based on our needs rather than cognitive testing. That meant we could focus on the personal attributes and experiences we really valued” 

Federal Government department



Employers trust GradSift


Is it easy to use? Yes!


There’s no set-up, just log-in and go. You don’t even need to be experienced in graduate recruitment. Spending too much time juggling the complexity of multiple work streams, role locations and candidate preferences while satisfying hiring manager needs? GradSift easily handles all of that for you.

We found the system extremely easy to use and the support throughout the process was fantastic

ASX listed company








I only need to watch video of the best candidates?


GradSift goes beyond screening and ranking graduates in seconds.

After initial screening you can watch and rate candidate video in the GradSift platform. Assess verbal communication, hear their achievements and confirm they are genuinely interested in a career with your organisation. Now you can be confident you have a really strong shortlist.

GradSift reduces video watch time by up to 70%.


Unlike typical video interviewing platforms, with GradSift you don’t need to waste time watching every single video. Because GradSift ranks candidates, you start by viewing video of the best and work your way down. When you have enough for your shortlist, you’re done. No need to go through hundreds and hundreds of video.


For every 500 videos you don't need to watch, GradSift gives you back 30 hours of your life







GradSift makes it easy for graduates too


You email them an invitation to completed a Gradsift profile. It takes them 15 minutes with no resume upload. It’s all from drop-down selections. They self-record a 60 seconds video with an introduction, key achievements and why they’d like a career with your organisation. You see them presenting at their best.

That’s better for employers and fairer for graduates.   




Download our GradSift Overview for Hiring Managers.

In one page it explains how and what GradSift does. Share it with your managers and they’ll see how GradSift streamlines graduate recruitment and saves so much time.

To everyone and anyone. It’s a lifesaver!

Australian division of a global company

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Unsure if GradSift will work for your organisation?

You can put GradSift to the test. For free. How?  Share 20 resumes of recent graduates with personal details removed. Make it a mix of hired candidates, some who got close and others who were rejected early. We process the data through GradSift and give you back the ranked results. Compare it to your own assessment. You decide if it works! 

What's the experience of other employers? 100% say yes, it definitely works for us.





By any chance, is there automated graduate recruitment reporting?

Yes!  Choose our most popular 12 months subscription and automated data analytics is included.

Benchmark hired candidates to your overall pool of applicants. Review demographic and diversity data and learn which universities your hires attended. Assess marketing and campus effectiveness right down to individual university level. View profiles of your hired candidates across their work experiences, achievements, academics and more.

Most employers spend two weeks preparing data like this. But the charts are all automated in Gradsift ready to present. Save even more time and make informed business decisions going forward.

GradSift, your virtual assistant in entry-level selection.









Download your copy of the GradSift Overview for Hiring Managers now.

There’s absolutely no obligation.


If you want an online demonstration or to speak with a real person, just call Peter Pychtin (02) 8188 2516 or email 

Peter is the founder of GradSift and had previously spent 20 years plus in graduate recruitment. He's been there, done that and knows what it’s like.

Act now and don't miss out on the savings from streamlining this year’s graduate recruitment. 





Download my GradSift Overview for Hiring Managers

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