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Welcome to GradSift Extra: A private database of pre-qualified graduate candidates.

With GradSift Extra employers can use the full functionality of GradSift to search, screen and filter candidates and watch candidate video to create shortlists.

But they can now go much further.

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Hiring Manager Self-Serve function

HR can grant hiring managers restricted access enabling them to self-serve and identify the best candidates by role/function and by specific location.

Example: A hiring manager says I need an accounting intern for a role in the Sydney Greater West. Instead of HR searching or re-advertising, the manager logs in to GradSift Extra with "partner" access. From a pre-set menu, they select Accounting Interns, Sydney Greater West to view a ranked listing of those candidates. The manager can watch a sixty seconds video, read the resume and choose with whom to schedule an interview. 


Private Sourcing Marketplace

From universities to tertiary education and training providers, GradSift Extra can serve as a private student database. Easy to find the right quality candidates by detailed location and role with self-serve function for approved partners.


Private Student Talent Pool

For a year-round student and graduate database with rankings. Use it to find the right students to invite to virtual or in-person events. Capture student details including resumes, transcripts and video. 


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