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The simple way to discover top graduate talent hidden in your applicant system

GradSift AI technology instantly cuts through to find your strongest applicants.

Its leading-edge algorithm evaluates the quality of a candidate. That’s why it works so well to identify top graduates and interns. 



Hiring for high volume intern and graduate roles is an imperfect process. Recruiters do their best. But with so many applications, not enough resources, unconscious bias and shortlisting tools with their own limitations, the truth is too many strong candidates are overlooked.

It leaves hiring managers crying out for candidates. HR says we can’t find any more. Yet, they're already in the the applicant management system.


The solution?

GradSift will discover your top candidates by role.



Invite candidates to complete a simple GradSift profile from drop-down fields. Apply your selection criteria. The GradSift candidate quality assessor is already built-in.

• No resume upload. No key word search.
• Takes just 10 minutes.
• Easy to use. Proven, efficient and fast.
• Leads to more diversity.


The result?

Candidates screened and ranked automatically in seconds for quality and fit for the role


If hiring managers are still asking for candidates, it's time to act. It's simple enough to do and really, there’s nothing to lose. 

Discover hidden talent from just $395. Reach out for more information or to schedule a short demo.

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