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Media Release
Peter Pychtin, CEO & Founder, GradSift

Thursday, February 25, 2021



Employer competition for graduates will intensify in 2021. It's the number one challenge for graduate employers, according to the Australian Association of Graduate Employers most recent employer survey. But in 2021

with fewer international students, the pool of graduates available to employers will be much smaller.

The Australian Government forecasts net overseas migration to Australia will be negative in 2021 by 72,000 people. International students will be a significant part of that decline, having accounted for 173,000 arrivals in


Not every employer hires international students. But a sizeable proportion do, including corporates, professional services, small business and even government agencies. Those employers will now need to source local

students driving up competition.

According to Peter Pychtin, a graduate recruitment expert and CEO of GradSift, employers need to ensure student marketing campaigns, graduate program design, candidate recruitment experience etc. are all


But Pychtin says “the biggest opportunity for employers is right in front of them. When they do receive applications, don’t throw out strong applicants because of the way they assess”.

Pychtin likens it to panning for gold. A miner sees one or two gold nuggets in the pan. But smaller nuggets are harder to see mixed up with sand and gravel. They’re missed and thrown back into the stream. But it was

still gold, right there, within reach.

A case in point cited by Pychtin is the use of cognitive ability testing to cull graduates. Rejecting them in isolation of other data can see up to 50% of graduates with highly desirable skills culled without a second look.

When candidates are plentiful, employers can get away with this.

It’s efficient but not fair to students. That was a key reason Pychtin founded GradSift. Its ai technology enables employers to virtually replicate resume reviews, integrating with recorded candidate video. He says

“assessing graduates on their academic achievements, work experiences, extra-curriculars and behavioural skills is far superior and fairer than a single test”. The evidence is that 100% of GradSift employers

recommend it to other employers.

Pychtin says “in 2021 employers can’t afford to let graduate gold slip through their fingers”. Savvy employers will adopt new technologies and processes to remain competitive. Unfortunately for many, they won’t realise it

until it’s too late.


Media Contact:

Peter Pychtin

0417 229 152

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