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GradSift Talent for Employers

Where quality meets precision, powered by artificial intelligence


Source candidates with precision from our GradSift Talent network

Connect directly with pre-assessed, strong-fit candidates and streamline your early careers recruitment



It starts with candidate engagement

Personalised connections lead to higher engagement and positive responses to employer opportunities


Our unique approach involves reaching out to students, notifying them that they've been individually reviewed and are recognized as potential strong-fit candidates for an employer's role

That increases student interest, engagement and application rates, even for employers they had never considered

 That's why talent acquisition teams find more high-quality, experienced candidates through direct sourcing than inbound applications


Target students with precision and efficiency


Go beyond the capabilities and basic filters of traditional platforms

Zero in on the students and graduates you truly want, saving time, reducing assessment costs and boosting your hiring rates

Our AI assesses a student's achievements, behavioural skills, performance, job fit, academics and work experiences.  Multiple filters, including student preferences refine the outcomes for precision and effectiveness

If a candidate uploads a video, you can assess their communication and personality fit


How do you connect with students?

Choose from:

Targeted email campaigns 
Shortlists provided by GradSift Talent
Direct access to our database



Why do students join GradSift Talent?


It’s easy

It’s low effort for students to sign up and see if employers reach out with an opportunity


They’re curious

Who wouldn't be? Finding employers interested in them!

Curiosity is a big motivator, even for the very best students


They’re keeping their options open

There might be something better than what they already have


They unlock career insights

They access our AI EmpowerMe tool for instant and specific feedback on their employability


Contact us to get started


Proven technology 

Reliably used by government and corporate employers for intern and graduate recruitment


“Using the platform made it so much easier to fill our graduate project management role. We didn’t need to sift through hundreds of applications.”

“GradSift Talent oversaw the campaign based on the criteria we provided, with a measurable increase in high-quality applications for our program.”

Save time, money and make the hire

Don’t waste time posting jobs to sift through hundreds or thousands of applications

Or pay for expensive psychometric and video assessments just to screen out applicants you never wanted

Start with the right candidates upfront

Whether it’s for a single position or to support a graduate or intern program

Contact us now to discuss options

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