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GradSift Talent Hubs

Students and Graduates. It's Time to be Discovered!

Let's face it. Finding an internship or a graduate role isn't easy. Employers advertise their programs and push applicants through the recruitment funnel. Long application forms, too many assessment stages and a lot of time and effort. For a typical large graduate program, there is just a three in one hundred chance of being successful.


“There needs to be a hub or pool where all interns and grads go and potential employers look for them, not the other way around”


Flip student job search on its head

GradSift Talent is the smart way for students and graduates to find jobs. In fact, it’s employers who find you.



With more than 20 years experience in student and recent graduate recruitment and access to more than 400 employers across all sectors, our AI enabled platform makes it easy for employers to discover the right students. We work with Federal and State Government employers together with leading corporates and of course smaller and medium sized businesses. 

They decide if you’re a good fit with what they’re looking for and reach out directly. It saves so much time from applying to employers where you never get past initial screening.

Why is GradSift Talent different?

Because it uses AI, “good” AI, to better match a student’s background to what an employer is really looking for.

  • Actively job seeking? Join one of our three talent hubs now for a graduate program, internship, work experience, even for a recent graduate role.
  • Already have another position? Put yourself on stand-by and be discovered for an even better opportunity.
  • Curious as to who might be interested in you? There’s nothing to lose. You can always decide not to proceed.

How does it work?

It’s simple for students, free and takes no more than ten minutes. There’s even our free EmpowerMe tool for personalised feedback, which unlocks insights into how employers assess your background. 

Start by registering at (desktop recommended).

Join one (or more) of the three GradSift Talent Hubs by adding the relevant program code.





Health, Community, Government


Create your profile (from drop down selections for your educational background, work experience and extra-curricular interests).

Add your resume and select your role preferences. Note, you can still be considered for roles you don’t nominate as a preference.

Optionally, but recommended, you can self-record a sixty second video. (Candidates with video are more likely to meet with employers).

That’s it. Next step is to hear from employers who see you as a strong fit for their role. Ten minutes of your time that could be the start to your career.

Register now at

Questions: See FAQS


Bonus: free EmpowerMe tool

Want to unlock insights into how employers assess your background? Who isn't curious about that? 



Use our free EmpowerMe tool. It interprets your background for the three categories employers most commonly consider.

  • Academic performance
  • Work experiences
  • Extra-curricular interests

Once you’ve joined one of our GradSift Talent Hubs and created a profile, you can use the EmpowerMe tool. (EmpowerMe works from your profile). All you do is select a benchmark role and discipline, eg. Business Graduate or a Technology Intern etc. Then see the results. It might give you that "ah-ha" moment and improve your employment prospects. For more information about the tool click EmpowerMe.

To use EmpowerMe start by logging in at

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